Safety vests for Vidor pedestrians

Published 7:40 pm Friday, March 9, 2018

By Larry Holt

The Orange Leader


A highly reflective safety vest and flashlight are two mandatory items discussed during citizen comments at the Vidor City Council for a possible future city ordinance regulating the safety of pedestrians within the city at night. An agenda item at the Thursday city council meeting allowed for citizen comments and open discussion about the safety of citizens walking after dark.

“Most times there isn’t a sidewalk,” said a male citizen. “I’ve nearly hit a couple of people walking in the middle of the road at night. They’re wearing all black. Doesn’t make sense.”

“You can’t regulate common sense,” Mayor Robert Viator remarked.

Chief of Police Rod Carroll said he would research to determine what other cities have done to improve pedestrian safety at night. He will present his findings to the council in a future meeting.

In other business, lengthy discussion was held with the Vidor Chamber of Commerce regarding leasing space at City Hall and ensuring any Chamber of Commerce business did not interfere with city business. City Attorney Christopher Leavins will be conducting research to craft a Chapter 380 Agreement to outline duties and responsibilities for the chamber.

Renewing the board of directors, leasing office space, and revitalizing their mission combine to drive the chamber toward a “fresh start” promoting businesses in Vidor.

“Without a full board, we won’t know what goes into a Chapter 380 Agreement. It has to contain measurable goals the city will hold us to for making progress,” said one female Chamber of Commerce board member.

“I think it is reasonable we can successfully promote Vidor businesses using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter,” said another Chamber of Commerce board members.

Regarding city clean up, Viator led discussions of the city’s 2018 goals, one being assisting citizens cleaning up post-Harvey and beautifying the city by providing free roll-off dumpsters and other services to assist with trash, debris and cleaning efforts.

The proposed kickoff date for the first dumpster roll-off is March 15 and will run for approximately two weeks. Further information is forthcoming with additional dates.

MK Constructors, LLC of Vidor won the Phase 3 Schoolhouse Ditch project bid to construct culvert crossings north of Orange Street and south of Interstate 10.

The company also won the Phase 4A bid for culvert crossing on Orange Street near Vernon Street.

The Schoolhouse Ditch project is designed to greatly improve water runoff and mitigate future flood problems.