It started all with a “click”

Published 7:12 am Wednesday, March 7, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Around the age of eight years old, LaTricia Ann Stroud was preparing to go to Disney World with her Uncle Larry and Aunt Carolyn.

She begged her mom for a camera to go on this trip.   Her mother bought her a little 110 film camera. Stroud remembered vividly looking at items to photograph while she was at Disney World. It was at that age she knew she wanted to be a photographer.

Through- out her years, being able to create a professional image was one of her main goals. In her teenage years, she would host photo sessions in her best friend’s back yard.

“I would hang sheets for backgrounds and use throw pillows for props,” Stroud confessed. “My friends and I would stand beside sports cars while I snapped a photograph.”

Stroud went to Lamar University and found her taking a break from college. She started working for Sear’s Portrait Studio in Orange.

Stroud says this was a pivotal moment in her photographer years because she learned so much about photography and the fundamentals to the business.

LaTricia Stroud held several positions at different portrait studios. She used what she learned and observed to open her own studio Tricia Stroud Photography. In conjunction with all of this, years prior she married the love of her life Chad Stroud and has two daughters Kaylyn and London.

“My husband has always been supportive of my career choice,” Stroud said. “When I met him I was a single mother and I worked several jobs, but when he came into my life we were ONE.”

Stroud specializes in senior photography.

“I love senior and graduation photography,” Stroud said. “I am a senior photographer that is my specialty.”

Twice a year, Stroud runs a family special session to accommodate all of her clients. She does it in the spring and at Christmas time.

“It is a true testament that we see all the beauty in different things,” Stroud said.

The services LaTricia Stroud offers are senior photography, prints, digital images, and custom designed invitations.

“The Orange community has been a wonderful place to serve,” Stroud said. “I love people and capturing them in their true character is rewarding for me.”

LaTricia Stroud we are proud of the hard work you put into your business daily and are very proud of you. Keep up the fantastic work. Orange is honored to have you as their photographer.


Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and Owner of Livol Liver Cleanse