Voting results for Primaries

Published 8:00 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2018

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

Early voting results for the Republicans decided the race for Republican choice for Orange County Judge as challenger Dean Crooks lead with 58-percent of the vote during the early voting results.

The race between Theresa Adams Beauchamp and incumbent Barry Burton for Commissioner Pct. 2 was a nail biter as the two were neck in neck with only three votes difference during the early voting results.

Vidor Mayor Robert Viator was the clear winner with 72-percent of the votes during early voting compared to 27-percent incumbent Jody Crump received.

Crooks finished the election with 4,315 votes to Carlton’s 2,755 votes.

Crooks will face Donald Brown (D) in November.

“It feels real good,” Crooks said about winning the Primary. “This is where the work starts. I could not be here without the people who helped me. I have enjoyed all the people I have met during this. There are many good people, smart people in Orange County.”

Christy Khoury, incumbent for County Treasurer, beat out David W. Smith with 5,387 votes to Smith’s 1,638 votes.

Theresa Adams Beauchamp won by four votes against incumbent Barry Burton. Beauchamp will face Deborah Mitchell (D) in November. The final mail in ballots will be counted on Wednesday,

“A recount will be at a future date,” Orange County Republican Chair David Covey said.

Viator finished with 1,434 votes compared to Crump, incumbent, with 603 votes.

260th Court Judge

Steven Parkhurst (R) 3,629


County Judge

Dean T. Crooks (R) 4,315

Stephen Brint Carlton (R)* 2,755

Kenneth Luce (R) 459

Will face Donald Brown (D) in November


Judge, County Court-at-Law

Mandy White-Rogers (R)* 3,736

District Clerk

Vickie Edgerly (R)* 3,755


County Clerk

Brandy Robertson (R)* 3,668

County Treasurer

Christy Khoury (R)* 5,387

David W. Smith (R) 1,638
County Commissioner Pct. 2
Theresa Adams Beauchamp (R) 1,038

Barry M. Burton (R)* 1,034

Facing Deborah Mitchell (D) in November


County Commissioner Pct. 4

Robert Viator (R) 1,434

Jody Crump (R)* 603
Justice of the Peace Pct. 1

Hershel Stagner, Jr (R)* 757

Will face Gail Barnett (D) in November


Justice of the Peace Pct. 2

Chad Jenkins (R) 996


Justice of the Peace Pct. 3

Joy Dubose-Simonton (R)* 895


Justice of the Peace Pct. 4
Rodney Price (R)* 1,140


Orange County Democratic Chair

Marcus Wilkerson (D) 519

Louis Ackerman (D) 565  


Orange County Republican Chair

David Covey (R) 3,595