Orange PD visits LC-M schools

Published 2:02 pm Friday, March 2, 2018

PRESS RELEASE — On Thursday afternoon at approximately 2:15 p.m., the City of Orange Police Department dispatched officers to Little Cypress Elementary, Little Cypress Junior High and Little Cypress Intermediate in response to a call made to the dispatcher that they termed “not a credible threat.” According to OPD Captain R.O. Enmon, officers were sent to all schools in the City of Orange in what he called “an over-abundance of caution.”

 The officers dispatched to our schools assured us that there was not a threat, and campus principals cooperated with the officers’ requests, which in some cases resulted in a drill being conducted. Had there actually been a lockdown, students would not have been released to ride the buses home or go to their parents’ cars at pickup time.

Because we received questions for which we did not have answers, LCM District officials met with OPD Captain Enmon and Detective Sergeant C.J. Foreman to obtain additional information regarding yesterday’s incident.

  • The call that set events in motion yesterday came into the OPD dispatcher, not 911. The person’s voice was recognized by police who began tracking the caller, who they hear from frequently. There was no threat made toward any school, but the person did reference Florida in his rambling call, which is what prompted police to make an appearance at city schools. The officers also told us that this person has never made a threat in the previous calls they have received.
  • Although the caller resided in Orange previously, the call was made from Kansas. He was located quickly by Kansas police and arrested.
  • County law enforcement officers were notified by OPD.

 LCMCISD will continue to be vigilant and take all threats very seriously. The safety of the students and staff that we serve is our number one priority. We appreciate law enforcement’s increased presence on and around our campuses. Captain Enmon said that anyone who has a question about yesterday’s events is welcome to call him at the Orange Police Department, 409-883-1026.