Definition of Caring

Published 6:07 am Wednesday, February 28, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Humble, modest, giving, caring, respectful, loving, business mogul…I could go on.

I recall seeing a lot of these hoodies on social media that would read DOC LOVE and I would wonder who is behind this clothing line.

I spoke to several people who told me about a young entrepreneur named Michael Doc Booker. People spoke very highly of him and it was only fitting that I meet this young man for myself.

I got in touch with him and told him I wanted to interview him. He was more than appreciative and we scheduled a date to do an interview.

To speak with Booker was humbling and insightful.

He had so many experiences with musical artists, producers and fashion designers I asked him why he did not move to Los Angeles, CA.

“I am from Orange, Texas and I reside now in Houston, Texas. I love Texas and my family and friends are all from this great state. It is not time for me to leave yet,” He replied.

Speaking with this young man was so interesting, he disclosed all of his passions for clothes and what inspired him to do the clothing line DOC LOVE.

DOC LOVE is a clothing line that was started in 2017.   DOC LOVE stands for Definition of Caring. The clothing line was inspired by his mother who died from cancer.

He initially started with a free T-shirt that was done in honor of his mother. The reaction from giving the shirts away became so enormous that major corporations were trying to order in bulks. Two months later, Michael Doc Booker launched his famous hoodies. The hoodies were launched through Facebook and it was then the demand became higher.

Over two hundred hoodies were sold just through pre orders in seventy-two hours. The inspirations for his clothing line also include Akoo, Billionaire Boys Club and LRG.

DOC LOVE will be officially launching online and in stores by the end of this year. He will also be launching a DOC LOVE KIDS as well.

Michael Doc Booker is a man of many gifts and talents. His hometown once again is Orange, Texas and at the young age of 12 is where he was working at Parkdale Mall styling men and women. Because he was too young to be paid with money, the district manager would pay him with merchandise apparel. It was then where his love for fashion grew.

Michael Doc Booker has been featured on a number of websites and magazines. His love for fashion has cultivated him into the fashion designer he is now. He will be launching a perfume line for women called Chocolate Kiss Christmas 2018. I know the ladies will be very excited!

Michael Doc Booker is a man of persistence, dedication and hard work. Although he has experienced great losses with his mother and best friend within the past few years, it did not discourage him not to succeed.

Michael Doc Booker we are proud of you and keep up the fantastic work. The world of fashion is blessed to have you in it.

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and owner of Livol Liver Cleanse