Lady Mustangs to host annual softball tourney

Published 10:26 am Tuesday, February 27, 2018

WEST ORANGE — The West Orange-Stark Lady Mustangs will host their annual Lady Mustang Softball Tournament Thursday through Friday.

Games Thursday will include Ozen vs. Warren (8 a.m.); East Chambers vs. Hardin (9:30 a.m.); Deweyville vs. Ozen (11 a.m.); Central vs. Warren (12:30 p.m.); WO-S vs. Hardin (2 p.m.); West Hardin vs. Central (3:30 p.m.); Deweyville vs. Nederland (5 p.m.); and WO-S vs. West Hardin (6:30 p.m.).

Games Friday will include Ozen vs. Central ( 8 a.m.); Ozen vs. Hardin (9:30 a.m.); West Hardin vs. Warren (11 a.m.); Hardin vs. Nederland (12:30 p.m.); East Chambers vs. West Hardin (2 p.m.); WO-S vs. East Chambers (3:30 p.m.); Deweyville vs. Warren (5 p.m.); and WO-S vs. Nederland (6:30 p.m.).

Games Saturday include Central vs. Deweyville (8 a.m.); Nederland vs. West Hardin (9:30 a.m.); Hardin vs. Deweyville (11 a.m.); Warren vs. Central (12:30 p.m.); East Chambers vs. Nederland (2 p.m.); WO-S vs. Ozen (3:30 p.m.); East Chambers vs. Ozen (5 p.m.); and WO-S vs. Warren (6:30 p.m.).

In other tournament action, Bridge City, LC-M and Orangefield softball will compete in the Liberty Tournament Thursday through Saturday.