It’s the right thing to do

Published 6:04 pm Saturday, February 24, 2018

By The Trashy ladies

A big thank you to Shangri La Botanical Garden, the City of Orange and Invista for sponsoring the “Trash Off” Saturday in Orange. Our city is so much cleaner because of the volunteers that spend their Saturday picking up yucky trash. The tonnage of trash picked up grows each year with the last year on record over 16 tons. Why is this?

Hurricane Harvey contributed to it this year but the amount of trash in Orange before Harvey was growing each year. I wonder how many businesses wanted to move to Orange but because of all the trash decided not to. That affects all of us because more businesses in Orange would be a benefit to everyone. A cleaner city could mean more people moving here. Even though the city is cleaner now in past years the trash starts collecting again after the “Trash Off.’ Let’s not be satisfied with one day clean and 364 days trashy.

The Trashy Ladies have some ideas on how to Keep Orange County clean.

*Keep a trash bag in your car to hold trash until you get home. Throwing trash out the car window makes the city look trashy. It is also illegal and there is a fine of $250 for doing it.

*Use gloves to pick up trash around your home. It may not be yours, but somebody has to do it so help out making a city cleaner. Be extra kind and do your neighbor’s too.

*Don’t leave anything in a truck bed that could blow out and litter the highway. The trucks that picked up Harvey debris often didn’t have covers and the debris was scattered all the way to the dump.

*Be the good example in the group to throw away your trash in a nearby trashcan. Children are watching and the exercise is good for you.

*Demand your city leaders and police officers enforce the litter ordinance.

* Be a good caretaker of the earth. Pride in your city is contagious. “We didn’t inherit the earth from our grandparents but are borrowing it from our grandchildren.” Let’s leave it better than we found it.  It could contribute to more businesses and more families settling in Orange.   The Trashy Ladies thank you and your grandchildren will too.

Please help the Trashy Ladies keep Orange clean. It’s the Right Thing To Do!

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