County issues debris removal update

Published 6:36 am Saturday, February 24, 2018

To The Leader

Orange County will begin collecting Harvey storm generated debris on February 20, 2018. A County wide debris assessment was completed on February 18, 2018. An estimated 3,000 cubic yards of debris remains within the right of way. Most of this debris is ineligible for collection due to having new construction debris mixed with storm generated debris. Please use the below guidance when placing your storm generated debris in the right of way.

  • Debris must be Harvey generated debris
  • Debris must be placed in the right of way. Any debris outside of the right of way will need to be placed in the right of way prior to becoming eligible for collection.
  • New construction material is the responsibility of the owner and/or owner’s contractor to dispose of. Orange County cannot collect your debris if any new construction material is identified.

o New construction debris can be separated from eligible storm debris by the owner.

o Owner can utilize the Orange County Citizen Collection Station to dispose of new construction debris at no cost.

o Contact Orange County Debris Hotline if you have further questions: 409-745-9809

  • Residents who plan to place storm generated debris in right of way can contact debris hotline to provide address. This will assist in expediting debris collection.
  • Please separate debris. Mixed piles are more difficult to collect. (Guidance attached)
  • HHW or Household Hazardous Waste should not be placed in the right of way. Call the debris hotline for further assistance.
  • Residents should call Orange County Debris Hotline for questions and guidance. Personnel will monitor the debris hotline Monday through Friday 08:00A to 05:00P.