WO-S lifters do well at Silsbee meet

Published 9:14 am Friday, February 16, 2018

The West Orange-Stark Powerlifting teams competed well at the Silsbee meet Thursday.

For the WO-S boys Andre Thomas was first in the 132 class. Hykeim Taylor was third in the 148 class. Clint Williams was fourth in the 165 class. Jerrick Spencer took third in the 181 class. Joseph Cotton was fourth in the 198 class. Keontae Strother was third in the 220 class. Darby Jones was second in the 242 class and Bobby Rash was second and Quincy Ledet fourth in the 275 class.

For the WO-S girls, Kyla Smith was third in the 123 calss. Shelby Jefferson was second and Aliah Salogo was fourth in the 148 class. Kennedy Queen took second in the 165 class. Aris Batts was second in the 181 class and Horaciana Yelling netted third in the 259 class.