Pillow Talk Hangout Room

Published 6:49 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

By Mary Ekene

“So much positivity in this group, I absolutely love it.” “I get involved in this group first thing every morning.” “I deal with depression, and this group seriously uplifts me.”

These were all comments by people who are enjoying the new sensation on social media called “The Pillow Talk Hangout Room”.

I have even been a participant of the new craze on social media and I love it as well. It is a group where positivity excels and people, married people, single people can be themselves. It is so wonderful to see where people can come together and talk about religion, love, relationships, friendships, insecurities, depression etc.

I have personally found in this group there is healing and love that translates through messages, photos, gifs, motivational quotes and humor.

Pillow Talk was originated by Orange natives own David and Sharissa Richard. They both came up with the idea while they were both visiting Chicago, IL a year ago doing Pillow Talk Live.

They thought it would be a nice idea to have a place where people, who face hardship and trials, could be encouraged, loved and motivated.

“I wanted something that would simply give positive vibes to people throughout the day,” Mr. Richard stated to me in an interview. “Everyone means something to someone, but not everyone knows this. It is a blessing to say it and hear it.”

So the Richards, after wrestling and praying with the thought of starting the group, found themselves awake at 2 a.m. starting this platform.

They both agreed they had laid the foundation for the group. They both realized it is THE PEOPLE of this amazing group that have given its legs to grow and be a blessing.

David and Sharissa Richard, we absolutely love the group and look forward to future events. Orange, Texas as well as others in the area enjoy the group and are very proud of you both.

Keep up the fantastic work and we cannot wait to post something in the incredible Pillow Talk Hangout Room.

Remember readers, God is love and let us do everything we can to represent that love daily in the way we walk, talk and lead.


Mary Ekene/ President and Founder of Black Women Unite (BWU)