Music, dance, and jests

Published 10:14 am Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mock pageant brings laughter to BCHS

By Holly Westbrook

The Orange Leader

So, a girl walks on stage with a guy and BAAM! gender identities switch at the curtain. At least this is how it is when Project Graduation puts together a mock pageant show with the benefiting this year’s seniors. From harmonica to “singing” and dance to jests, these cuties turned out to be very talented.

“It was great seeing the students, facility, and families have fun together,” Teri Chaffin, whose over the Project Graduation social media said.

Contestants were Hunter Gauthier as Henrietta Goodtime who received second runner-up; Trent Heard in the part of Trentisha Fox; Ethan Hamm taking third crowd favorite as Roberta Marie; Landon Luna who took home Miss Cardinal Cutie as Miss Cherry Coco.

Nolan Moore’s Gimme Moore Jr took home first runner-up; Brennon Trege took home crowd favorite with Brenda Neva Sirenda and Mr. Sterling Smith went on stage as Daffell Apple Bottom.

The escorts were Ashlyn Koons as Glen CoCo, Kaitlyn Haynes as Chad DuGood, Russetta Epperly as Russel Romero, Mackenzie Murdock as Lawn Moore, Shania Dies as Justin Case, Jalynne Burch as Dantavious Brown and Keely Green as Craig Snufflefoot.

Seniors Breanne Chaffin and Katrina Scogin sang while members of the BCHS Jazz Band played for the crowd.
The Project Graduation Board put together the event, Chaffin said.

“Special thanks to Leah Brandin for organizing this event,” Chaffin said. “Thank you for all your hard work.”

Judges included the assistant principal, Mike Blakeney, Arron Conner, Cathy Riley and Tami Goss. Cheryl Royal, Director of Student activities was the event’s Master of Ceremony.

“The event was a success,” Chaffin said. “It was a fun night.”


Miss Cardinal Cutie: Cherry Coco, aka Landon Luna

First Runner-up: Gimme Moore Jr, aka Nolan Moore

Second Runner-up: Henrietta Goodtime, aka Hunter Gautier

Crowd Favorite: Brenda Neva Sirenda, aka Brennon Trege

Second: Cherry Coco, aka Nolan Moore

Third: Roberta Marie, aka Ethan Hamm