Ferdinand prefers to smell the flowers

Published 6:27 am Saturday, February 10, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


Senator Ted Cruz read the children’s classic Green Eggs and Ham a few years ago while staging a marathon filibuster. The book, written by Dr. Seuss, has been around for a long time. Many, I suspect, can remember reading his classics as their reading skills advanced, fine-tuning those skills with his wonderful collection of work. Although I have never been tempted to eat the delicacy spoken of so eloquently in this story, I did stumble over three words repeated throughout. Would, could and should gave me fits every time I came across them.

My parents patiently responded each time I asked until they conjured the impression I was faking it. But I wasn’t.

Ferdinand the Bull written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson captured my attention when my children were learning to read. Ferdinand fancied sitting in the field smelling the flowers and enjoying a quiet life with no intention of bothering or hurting anyone. But one day, a bee altered his whole perspective.

Only the bee buzzed version of Ferdinand was in demand at the recent United Professional Rodeo Association (UPRA) event held February 1-3 at the T2 Arena on Peveto Road. If you missed it, no worries, UPRA is bringing their rodeo back on April 20, 2018 to the T2 Arena.

Then in April on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st the Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association will bring their show to Orange for the Orange County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo. It will be held at their arena on Highway 105.

I do not understand rodeo lingo.

My research indicates they sanction, perf, slack and add money as a part of these events. If you are a cowboy or cowgirl rodeo participant or fan you probably understand the significance of all this. If not, you can go to www.cprarodeo.com and www.urodeo.com to see for yourselves.

The pre-bee buzzed version of Ferdinand, inside a good solid fence, is my preference for a bull. The cowboys at these events want the big, ugly, athletic and mad bulls.

Not sure why, but they do. They even want to get on these bulls and see who can ride them the longest. Apparently, riding a bee buzzed Ferdinand seven seconds is a long time.

These cowboys and cowgirls really appreciate a clown. Everybody loves a clown. But, I question the sanity of a clown who seeks the attention of the bee buzzed version of Ferdinand.

Professional rodeos sound impressive. Professional fishing tournaments do too. Hosting these events in Orange is great for our fair corner of the world.

Bassmasters will bring an event in their Elite Series to the Sabine River beginning Friday, April 6 through Monday, April 9.

Rodeos have been a part of Orange County for a number of years. Professional fishing tournaments are becoming a regular part of our normal. Events of this nature are a challenge but the rewards are worth the effort.

These events don’t just happen. Local folks pursue with passion these opportunities. Each one deserves our appreciation and support.

I wonder if they all got buzzed by a bee at some time in their life?

Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at bobby.tingle@orangeleader.com.