Lincoln-Reagan Dinner coming to Orange County

Published 6:52 am Saturday, January 27, 2018

By Bobby Tingle

Orange County Republicans met Tuesday night to allow candidates to speak out regarding their campaign for public office.  The Primary Election will be held March 6, 2018, when political parties choose their candidate for the general election scheduled in November.

There are several contested races in the Republican Primary.  Two candidates for each race are vying to be the Republican nominee for County Judge, County Treasurer, and County Commissioner for Precinct 2 and Precinct 4 in the November General Election.  Other county races within the Republican Party are uncontested.

The Democrat Party will have uncontested races to be their parties nominee for County Commissioner Precinct 2 and Justice of the Peace Precinct 1.  In the general election to be held in November these will be the only local races with both parties represented.  All other races will offer voters a Republican candidate only.

The Orange Leader will publish all candidates’ statements providing them another opportunity to speak directly to you, Orange County voters.  We encourage candidates for either party to submit their thoughts.  Many have and we have published their submissions.  If you missed reading published statements you can get a copy in one of two ways.  Go online to and search using the candidate’s name.  Or, come by our office at 841 B Dal Sasso Drive, in the Dal Sasso building behind Weinerschnitzel and we will provide you with a copy of the newspaper where their published statements appeared.

David Covey, Orange County Republican Party Chair, has been at work seeking to build on the recent success of the Republican Party within Orange County.  According to Covey his party has been successful toward that end in recent election cycles.  Tuesday night he announced a commitment from Texas Governor Greg Abbott to keynote a Lincoln-Reagan Dinner March 17, 2018.  Commitments have also been received from Representative Dade Phelan and Senator Robert Nichols with plans to seek commitments from Congressman Brian Babin and Senator Ted Cruz.

The purpose of the dinner is two-fold.  Lincoln-Reagan dinners are a promotion and marketing tool for candidates and elected representatives.  These events are also fundraisers.  An event like a Lincoln-Reagan dinner can provide a huge local boost to Republican efforts according to Covey.  He is optimistic county residents will support the event.  All funds raised will be used to promote Republicans in future races in Orange County.

Two years ago when countywide elections were held the Democrat Party in Orange County was only able to field candidates for County Chair of the Democrat Party.  For this cycle they have shown some improvement in their effort to attract and support candidates for local office.  However, their prominence has diminished during recent election cycles from their past prominence.  Voters will have to be content with choosing their local public servants, for most offices on the ballot, from the Republican field.

Voters should have more choices.

But if Covey and the Republicans in Orange County have their way the county will remain red.

It was encouraging to see the optimism among those attending the monthly meeting Tuesday.  Let’s hope they provide a spark for their counterparts who see nothing but blue.

 Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader.  You can reach him at