Absolutely Chic provides extended eye-lashes

Published 11:24 am Wednesday, January 24, 2018

By Mary Ekene

“I really enjoyed working for the company [deleted], but the discrimination was too much.” “I did not understand why the color of my skin was such an issue.” “I hope I can go into business for myself and be successful.”

Nekia Lewis was born November 15, 1985 in Gatesville, Texas. She was raised by her aunt, Precious Chambers and cousins, Precious Rice and Sheldon Rice.

She graduated from Central Senior High School in Beaumont, Texas in 2004. She has one daughter Aniyah Lewis and a son Christopher Waldon Jr.

Nekia has always had a gift with her hands. She took an early interest in becoming a hair stylist at the age of fourteen.

“I love doing hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes,” Lewis said. “I have always had a desire to be in a career involving cosmetology”.

Lewis attended three different beauty schools and graduated from The Southeast Texas Career Institute. In her first year of being a licensed professional, she became the only stylist for a small apartment community that only catered to senior citizens. Lewis was determined to become self-employed and began to seek an interest in cosmetology.

She had a passion for eyelash extensions and became a stylist at a salon. It was then she saw she had a good knack for doing eyelashes.

“I did not know I had a craft in this, I absolutely loved it,” Lewis confesses.

After she perfected her craft, she received a promotion. But soon she realized that her promotion came with a lot of racism and discrimination.

Her skill spoke for itself but her co-workers bullied her as well as gossiped about her.

“I was bullied on my job on so many levels. When I mentioned I was being discriminated against, I was immediately let go,” Lewis explained.

It was at that very moment where she started to order her own products and began her own business. Nekia Lewis started her own business Absolutely Chic where she is licensed to do eyelash extensions.

“God closed one door to turn around and open another door for me. I am blessed,” Lewis said.

If you are interested in Lewis doing eyelash extensions she is located at 3195 Calder Ave. Beaumont, Texas 77702. Nekia Lewis we are so proud of you and keep up the fantastic work. YOU ROCK!

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite and the Founder of The Institution of Performing Arts in Orange, Texas