Incredi Bows by an amazing woman

Published 6:06 am Wednesday, January 10, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Sharissa Richard, of Orange, is the Chief Executive Officer for Incredi Bows. She is married to David Richard.

They have three children and have been married for four years.  She had her first child; her son Jairon, at the age of seventeen and it was then she knew she loved parenting. After four year, she given birth her daughters, Bailiegh and A’Niya.

After being in an abusive relationship and depressed for years, she found her calling in creating hair bows and homemade tutus.

“It was my way to release pain and gain love for the craft I did,” Richard said.

“Sharissa, with everything you have been through I am so proud of you. You have a real story to tell,” I would tell her.

This young woman has overcome battles that the average man would give up on, but she, like myself, she put her family first.

“My husband is my rock. He always supports me in everything I do.” Richard shares. “When he saw the demand of my business was booming, he invested in it also. I am truly blessed.”

Incredi Bows has been around for a couple of years and Richard has really expanded her brand now into Houston, Texas.

“The task of maintaining the demands of my daughters was expensive and exhausting. I had to come up with a solution to keep them beautiful at the same time cost-effective. That is how my business came about,” Richard stated.

After making her hair bows and tutus, Richard started making t-shirts.

“Sharissa, I absolutely love my shirt,” That is what I told her after she had mad my shirt for the City Council Campaign 2017 for At-Large Position. “You have a real gift.” I would tell her.

Her father, James Woodrow, worked as a foreman for a local paper mill and her mother, Thelma Woodrow, was a long time educator.

“I get my structure and creativity from my parents,” Richard said. “My mother has always been my biggest supporter while my father always gave me guidance.”

Sharissa Richard continues to grow her brand as well as herself.

“I am excited about building other women in their goals and thank God for everything He has done for me,” Richard said. “I am a proud Lady of Proverbs.”

Sharissa Richard, I am proud of you and keep up the fantastic work.

Mary Ekene/ Founder of Black Women Unite (BWU) and Founder of the Institution of Performance Arts in Orange, Texas