Tax Wars – The Rebellion or The Great Giveaway

Published 4:57 pm Wednesday, January 3, 2018

By Bobby Tingle


In a galaxy far, far away the tax wars have been waged. From the heap of pain and destruction taxpayers have been handed the victory. The Great Giveaway has begun.

The Rebellion rose up in opposition to squash their hopes, their dreams and their plans. But the Rebellion failed, the Great Giveaway prevailed. Once again taxpayers will be allowed to keep more of their hard earned income.

The taxpayers don’t deserve to keep their income. When taxpayers keep their income everyone suffers. How dare the wage earners of America exert their greedy will expecting to keep income lawfully and gainfully procured!

When taxpayers pay less we all suffer.

We must support the Rebellion.

The great money grab by taxpayers will begin in 2018. Fortunately, the excessively low tax rates have a sunset clause. After a few short years of greedily keeping excessively high levels of their gross income, workers will have to once again pay more taxes. Our task as part of the Rebellion is to make sure we have the proper folks in place to allow the sun to set on this grand giveaway.

We must be diligent.

But what if the taxpayers exert their will again? What if taxpayers vote for more greedy politicians willing to extend the disgraceful reduction in tax rates? How can we tolerate increased levels at which taxpayers are allowed to retain their income?

Tax giveaways can only harm us.

Think about it. A member of the workforce shamefully benefitting from the Great Giveaway gets up in the morning and goes to work. They perform their assigned tasks effortlessly. Customers enjoy the service provided and willingly pay, making a contribution to the well being of the business. At the end of the week, the member of the Great Giveaway gets a well-deserved paycheck.

And then the greed takes over. The member of the Great Giveaway realizes they have been allowed to keep a larger share of their gross income. Ultimately, the greed wins and the member of the Great Giveaway deposits the whole amount of the take home balance. Their despicable act is played out over and over across the nation.

How dare they shamelessly allow themselves to take taxes from those who deserve them!

Who do taxpayers think deserve their hard earned wages more than the tax spenders? If taxpayers don’t provide the funds then what will the redistributors redistribute.

What if a program of income redistribution goes away? How can taxpayers support taking money from tax recipients with a clear conscience?

The Rebellion must take down the Great Giveaway.

The Great Giveaway has taken root in a galaxy far from here. Just about a year ago it began to understand the force. Many in the Rebellion mocked its power. How could an illegitimate group like the Great Giveaway understand the force. In the beginning, the force was limited to 140 characters. It was a small beginning. But alas it received new life when it was able to double its characters to 280. More characters provided more force.

The Great Giveaway was strengthened and renewed.

Where will it end?

The Great Giveaway must end. Workers don’t deserve their paychecks. The Rebellion must take back what is rightfully theirs, your paycheck.

Support the rebellion. Quash the Great Giveaway. Use all 280 characters if you have to.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at