Kissin’ Kuzzins: Confessions of a six year widower

Published 5:00 pm Wednesday, January 3, 2018

By Dickie Dixon

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Confessions of a Six Year Widower On January 12th of this year, it has been six years since my wife Jana passed away.  So, I thought it necessary that I let the readers know my impressions of the dating scene of a man just a few years past eighteen.

I discovered pretty quickly after I started dating again that my wife and I had a pretty normal marriage compared to some of the marital experiences of some of the women I have dated.  It was simply, for us, a boy meets girl, boy keeps on dating her kind of experience.  My late wife was so nice I used to say I just hung around her hoping some of it would just rub off.  The easiest thing I have ever done in my life is fall in love.  You just give in and let it happen.  Now when I met my wife it was absolutely the most inconvenient time in my life for me to pursue a serious relationship.  I started dating her in May and started seminary in September, but I didn’t let that stop us.  I wrote her every day, called her frequently, and drove on the weekends to meet her in Tyler (or once or twice in Nacogdoches).

By the way, one of my observations of some in finding love is that they overthink it and make it a rocket science.  With the three women I have really loved in life, it was as easy as falling off a log.  It sort of reminds me of how easy faith in the Lord Jesus is; trusting and loving someone who loves us so much is absolutely so easy.  It’s just a matter of surrender.

Another observation is I guess I married an old-fashioned girl:  she loved me and I loved her, and I lived for her and she lived for me.  We met in the middle, I guess you might say, and I was always captivated by her beauty and her brains.  She had an air of mystery about her, though she was not a chess player either.

Another observation comes from church life:  What you get a woman with will pretty much tell you what kind of woman you got.  In church life, if you get a church member from attending a hot dog supper, you just might get a hot dog supper kind of commitment.  (Although most churches are in to getting them any way they can.)

Another observation is that I am surprised I have stayed out of getting married for six years.  A couple of times I thought I was caught; a couple of times she thought I was caught.

After six years of dating pretty often—(One weekend I had three dates, and my daughter asked me if I was speed dating.)—I am very impressed with the intuition, charm, and resilience of women.  Some of you guys will think something’s wrong with me for saying this, but I think overall they are smarter than us.  They have these antennae we don’t have; they can see things about ourselves we can’t even imagine.  Some of them have been through such horror stories with the abuse—both psychological and physical—they have experienced, it’s amazing they got through those times of their lives

Finally, this is uncanny:  Many of the women I have gone out with have Native American ancestry.  I know, you are going to say:  “Well Dickie, that’s because so many of us are descended from Native Americans.”  Maybe so.  I don’t know those stats, but it has been surprising that this has happened.

Thank you, my readers, for indulging me this time as I report the confessions of a six year widower.


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