BWU is born

Published 5:08 pm Wednesday, January 3, 2018

By Mary Ekene

Happy, happy, happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had an excellent and safe holiday.

I am here to talk about the great non-profit organization God has instilled in me to put together. BWU (Black Women Unite) is a non- profit organization est. Dec. 6, 2017, that focuses on the empowerment of bringing African- American women together for a positive realm in their communities. The group is here to motivate our sisters to support each other in the educational, health care, financial, social media, and entertainment industries. BUT IT STARTS WITH US!

I see so much negative attention focused on black women; they are too loud, they are too strong, they are too independent, they are too ghetto, they are too mean, they are too jealous, THEY, THEY, THEY.

But to my black women, do you ever ask yourself why society, men, our own peers view us this way? Although it is not an excuse for anyone to belittle nor disrespect us in any way, but truly look in the mirror and ask yourself are you the exception?

I know I can speak from first hand experience because I experience it all the time. My own “sistah” being envious of me and gossiping because of their own insecurities. Black women are so quick to tear each other down and not support one another due to ego and jealousy. This is why I wanted to put together a group that will bring black women together to discuss topics in uplifting one another.

I wanted to show that we can be positive, we can put aside personal differences and be role-models for one another. Our young black girls do not have any role-models now in this generation. All they see is both women and girls twerking, fighting, cursing, having sex with random people, dropping out of school, thinking that it is ‘okay’ to be content to live off the government. Where are the role-models?

I want black women to be examples and give back to their communities in a positive way. BWU is my baby and I pray God uses me to generate this organization in a way that will bring my black women together.

It is time to stop the hate, the envy, the complacent mind, anger, insecurities, anything that will hinder us as black women to elevate.

March 24, 2018 I will be holding a BWU convention in Bridge City, TX. This convention will further discuss what my group is about and will be an opportunity to truly bring black women together for a positive purpose. I am truly so excited about this event. I am praying this can be a start to positivity, productivity, and more important love between my black women. It is time for a CHANGE.

Mary Ekene/ The Institution of Performing Arts in Orange, TX