Research, Restructure, and Resonate

Published 1:41 pm Saturday, December 23, 2017

By Pastor Demetrius Moffett

Where has the time gone?

When I was young I couldn’t wait to hit milestones of aging.

Becoming a teenager, turning sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one. They seemed far away.

Now that I have surpassed the milestone of fifty (praise God) time seems as thought it has its foot on the accelerator.

2017 is only a few days from being placed in the history books. With more days behind me than in front of me I look back over the year assessing my successes and shortcoming.

I’ve come to terms with my accomplishments and failure. I have not regrets just refocuses.

Life is truly what we make it. It’s just as hard for you to be you as it is for me being me.

However, the one thing we have in common is that no one can do us like us, so we might as well do us to the best that we can and for 2018 it’s starts with refocusing.

It’s okay to allow for what we did not accomplish in 2017 to roll over into 2018.

We’re going to refocus. What is it that we want to accomplish in 2018? I’m not talking about a New Years resolution. I’m talking about restructure.

Let’s set a series of goals. One month, three-month, six-month, nine month and twelve-month goals. Each goal feeding into the next.

The first month, make your goal something that is pretty obtainable but not something that you’re already doing. As we condition ourselves to be successful it will breed the successful nature in us.

It can be as simple and committing to calling our parents everyday just to say hello. It could be saving $5 a day which if we did that for a year would give us close to $2,000. What ever it might be our success begins with restructure.

Please note that this might be a bit painful for some of us, but the rewards will be well worth it.

I believe as our success grows from goal season to goal season we will become stronger and more confident to attack that which we desire to accomplish and our setbacks wouldn’t be as devastating as in years pass.

Yes, the year may have been tough.

2018 success begins with no regrets or resolutions but refocus and restructure. Let’s Research, Restructure, and Resonate