When it is everywhere

Published 6:03 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017

By Mary Ekene

In this day and age, whether it is on television, on the radio, on social media, or on the internet SEX is always a topic of discussion. The expression “sex sells” is very true in everyday life. You cannot turn on the television and not see sex in a television show, in a movie, on the news etc.

When you look on social media, all you see is naked pics, relationship discussions about sex, topics about what is the best sexual position, what to do to spice up your sex life etc. Then I ask myself is sex one of the only topics that should be made a priority EVERYDAY.

As a parent and a woman I know I do not want to read about sex all the time. Yes it is a key subject, a popular subject, an interesting subject; but magazines, television, books, social media, newspapers; movies etc. need to take caution that there are a lot of underage children looking at this as well.

There are several teenagers and underage children who are watching the television programs, watching the movies, reading the magazines and definitely communicating on social media. There are parents who are not in tune with what their children are involved in and ignore the signs that they are being exposed to things that involve sex.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about sex, it plays a significant role in our society. But it has tremendously affected generations and generations from way back since the biblical period.

But because sex has played such a part in everything we say and do, it has led to discussions about sexual harassment and rape. No I am not saying that talking about sex is the reason why sexual harassment and rape is prevalent, but it all coincides with everything that goes on among men, women, girls and boys.

When I read articles that share stories about rape victims and how young girls and women are being sexually harassed, it really irritates me. It makes me ask the question would it be so high if we did not talk about sex every day.

I read a story on social media about a young girl that was raped by her uncle. I was in disgust and felt so awful because of the mere fact this young girl was pregnant. She became pregnant after the fifth time he had sex with her and she never told a soul. Which comes to my next question, we are quick to share sexual advice how to please your partner, but you barely see any articles about young girls and boys coming forth to share their truth about being molested and raped.

I wish we would advertise about sharing our pain about rape etc. instead of sweeping it under the rug. I know there are a lot of people who have been affected by this topic who are still not willing to share their story. But I hope we can make more chat rooms for their stories to be heard.

Sex will always play a significant role in our society because we see it in everyday life. But we need to take heed that the topic can bring both a positive and a negative outlook in each individual’s life.

I hope that we can discuss sex with both the pros and cons and come together to help those who have been molested and been raped due to the vast popularity of the subject. To anyone who has been affected mentally or physically in a negative way due to sexual exploitation, please seek help. I am here personally if you want someone to talk to, you can reach me through email maryfrancisekene@yahoo.com. Remember stay true, do you, and be marvelous at it!!!!


Mary Ekene/ The Institution of Performing Arts in Orange, TX