Kissin’ Kuzzins: The teacher got a lesson

Published 7:04 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017

 By Dickie Dixon

For Posterity’s Eyes  December birthdays:  21st:  Maretha Lawrence, Rosette (Font) Hudgins 23rd:  Jill (Thompson) Davis 24th:  Joy (Dixon) Parker, Annette Escamilla, Louise Jetton 26th:  John Cantrell  27th:  Anne Treadwell, Wanda (Dennis) Havard  28th:  Ken Donaghue  29th:  Marley Reaves, Vennessa Childers, Phil Herman 30th:  Sheila White, Jana (Stewart) Schornberg 31st:  Ann (King) Parker

The Teacher Got a Lesson  The year that we returned to seminary for me to finish my last twenty-four hours, while I was teaching my oldest daughter Sasha the Bible, I received a surprise I was not expecting.  She was not yet three but I felt it was important to begin teaching her about the Lord Jesus.  One of the things I was teaching her was about the purpose of the Incarnation and the death of Jesus on the cross.  A number of times I had taught her about the importance of Jesus’s coming and the significance of his death on the cross; now it was time to see if my teaching took.

So, I asked her one day:  “Now Sasha why did Jesus come?”  She replied without hesitation very decisively:  “Daddy, he came to raise his arms up.”  Immediately, after she said that I thought of innumerable pictures and crucifixes which pictured Jesus nailed to the cross.  And, quite frankly, I thought:  How succinctly could someone sum up the billboard, bigger-than-life main point of the reason Jesus came and why he died.  Tirelessly, every week preachers strive all across the world to keep this central focus in the lives of their members and their church.  And, what’s more she did it in eight words.  I was amazed that truly out of the mouth of babes His Spirit teaches us His wisdom.  Today as the world celebrates Christmas, Jesus is the reason for the season—as well as every season.  But that day, effortlessly Sasha made sure that the seminary student and the teacher got a lesson.  Merry Christmas!

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