Kissin’ Kuzzins: A sign of acceptance

Published 10:24 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

By Dickie Dixon

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A Sign of Acceptance I discovered about ten years ago from one of my first cousins a story which, as a young boy, I had never heard about:  something that happened in my extended family at  Thanksgiving  in 1958.

The story goes like this.  My oldest brother Don graduated from Texas A & M with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in May of 1958 and almost went to work as a USDA red meat inspector in Gonzales, I think.  Not too long after Don graduated, he met Margaret Snapp, a native of Cuero, and brought her to meet the family.  Almost every major holiday, we ate at my grandparents’ house on my father’s side, the home of Blanche and Bony Dixon. Both of my parents came from a family of eight, so this holiday meal was always well populated with aunts, uncles, and first cousins (I had about 38 or more cousins.)  When you walked in the front door, seven aunts greeted visitors in the sparsely furnished  living room with the double throat fireplace and the kidney shaped desk, except for those who might be superintending the meal in the kitchen with Blanche, my grandmother.  All of the aunts were always immaculate, well-dressed, and very nice.

This one was going to be different because ripples were running through the Dixon family that Don, the oldest grandchild, was marrying a Catholic.  Now before you quit reading this, you will have to realize that, when Bony married Blanche in 1907, she converted him all the way.  He was Sabbatarian, a teetotaler, and staunch in following Baptist beliefs.  He helped start Clawson Baptist Church, I think, and  I presume after Pilgrim’s Rest, a quarter-time church, was torn down to build their house.  Now, the men and the children ate first, mainly because with seven sons and Bony, there was not much room for the ladies.

In spite of their differences with Margaret biblically, and I’m convinced out of their love for Don, the uncles lit on a plan to make Margaret feel accepted.  So, this is what they did:  they invited her to sit with the men for the meal—something that had never happened before nor never happened afterward either.  But, sure enough, it turned the trick, and it made her feel accepted and a part of the family.  And now this column’s readers have it, how Margaret Snapp—soon to be Dixon—received a  sign of acceptance in 1959.

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