Pee Wee game has NFL status

Published 1:13 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2017

By Courtney Zetar

The Orange Leader


Sunday’s are usually reserved for great NFL matches and normally isn’t the day reserved for a kids Pee Wee football game. It took two locals, Demeron Judge and Shelvy Jefferson, to make this remarkably rare evening occur.

The Little Mustangs Pee Wee team were coming fresh off of their undefeated Super Bowl Championship win on November 12 and were looking forward to the off season. Demeron Judge, a native of Orange and West Orange Stark alumni, coaches for the Baytown Dynamite Knights Junior football team and expressed his interest to Coach Jefferson about the Little Mustangs possibly playing the Dynamite Knights Pee Wee team. Though Judge coaches the age group above Jefferson, he still wanted the Baytown Pee Wee group to play the Mustangs Pee Wee team for the ages of 7-9.

Judge also coached the little Mustangs in the past and was more than eager to bring this game together saying, “This is what it’s all about. I used to play for the Mustangs and I also coached the little Mustangs myself so I know what football means to this town, and I just wanted to show these kids in Baytown how we do it in Orange Texas.”

Jefferson, also a native of Orange and West Orange Stark alumni, spoke about his relationship with Demeron and the role he played on his career saying, “Demeron changed my entire football path. When I was in little league football they had me on the offensive line and coach Judge told the other coaches to put me at quarterback and from then on my whole football life changed.”

Judge also remembers the time he coached Jefferson adding, “I will never forget when it was 4th and 21 and we had to get to the 22 yard line to get a first down. We were on the 1 yard line and backed up into our own end zone and I called a quarterback sneak to Shelvy and he ran 99 yards for the touchdown.”

The Dynamite Knights of Baytown have an outstanding resume of their own. After winning the championship in 2016, the Knights are currently undefeated in the middle of their championship defense season. They average 50 points per game and are rarely challenged as they have defeated every team they have faced rather easily.

The Little Mustangs came into the game with great credentials as well. They finished the past season undefeated and only gave up a combined total of 12 points for the entire season.

Led by quarterback Kwalin Dougas (8) the Mustangs averaged 42 points per game as they also cruised past the competition to a championship.

After a week of social media hype, a YouTube video trailer, and an intense trash talking filled build up, the two teams developed a bit of a friendly rivalry even though either team had never faced one another in competition.

“You could swear this was LC-M vs. West Orange Stark” said Judge.

The Knights play in a totally different little league organization than the Little Mustangs, so it took some quick planning and a few calls to make this dream match-up a reality.

“I made a call to Coach Cornel Thompson and he asked me when and what time? After that it was just making sure there would be food and drinks available,” said Judge.

The admission was free and Mackolas Toler, brother of Judge, volunteered to cook barbeque links and boudian. Music was also provided along with play by play commentary from Rodrick Roberson.

After a defensive battle for the first two quarters, which included a crucial goaline stand for the Knights, the games only score of the half came off of a 5 yard touchdown run by Shaquille Licks (5) of the Knights.

At that point of the game coach Jefferson was still confident in his team saying, “This team averages 50 points per game and we held them to just 6 points at the half so we will see what happens in the second half.”

That confidence was short lived as quarterback Kwalin Dougas had to leave the game due to concussion like symptoms in the 3rd quarter.

As of today Kwalin is doing well and is expected to recover after a week of rest.

“That kid is a leader and a warrior and I know if he had remained in the game he would have had a great impact.” said Jefferson.

The remainder of the game was well played on both sides of the ball. For the Little Mustangs running backs, Khelvy Jefferson (22) and Anterrion Zetar (5) both rushed solidly with Zetar rushing for over 100 yards.

On the defensive side for the Little Mustang’s Byrcen Chargois (2), who is only 7 years of age, turned in one of the best defensive games of the year and recorded over 8 solo tackles. Zetar also played well on defense, forcing a fumble and two tackles for a 5 yard loss and a 3 yard loss.

The Dynamite Knights brought their Sunday best as well. Shaquille Licks (5) recorded a previously mentioned 5 yard touchdown, and several game changing defensive plays.

“My goal was to play my best and do my job” said Licks.

With a collection of stars on both sides, Quarterback Kaegan Morton (1) of the Knights, shinned the brightest. Morton rushed for over 150 yards. He also scored three rushing touchdowns including an 80 yard touchdown run.

The Knights were also a very disciplined defensive team. Collectively as a unit the Knights refused to give up a touchdown and held the little Mustangs scoreless for the first time all season.

“Everyone on our defense was extra focused today, they really wanted to win this game.” said Judge

The games final score of 26-0 was closer than it may seem.

“This was a great game and unfortunately the quarterback of the little Mustangs went down in the 3rd quarter and I really wish him well. This was all fun for the kids and the fans of each team and I hope we can do this again.” said Coach Keyon Morton of the Dynamite Knights.

Keyon Morton is the father of Kaegan Morton, says his son’s speed is a tribute to his love for track and field saying,

“He has been running track since he was about five years old and he runs about a 13.2 in the 100 yard dash,” Morton said.

Coach Jefferson wasn’t pleased with the games outcome but was encouraged by the support and turnout from the fans.

“We came out and fought hard,” Jefferson said. “This was the first time we got hit in the mouth and played real competition. But if you had told me before hand that the fans would show up like this and get fired up, I would have thought I was dreaming. This really exceeded my expectations, this was awesome for these kids.”

The day turned out to be a success as both fan bases packed their respective sides of Dan R. Hooks stadium, as two great teams battled it out for bragging rights. The Baytown Dynamite Knights won the game, fans of really good football won the day.

As the sun began to set on the day, it was Demeron Judge who was overwhelmed with emotions. When asked how did it feel to be standing on the same field that his mentor, the late Coach Leroy D, Breedlove, was now named after and have his name baring down upon him as he brought something positive to the community?

Judge with tears in his eyes was barley able to say one word….”priceless”