Orange County EDC Issues $200,000 to Orange County Small Businesses

Published 7:16 am Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Special to The Leader

The Orange County Economic Development Corporation has begun issuing funds to small businesses under its Harvey Small Business Disaster Recovery Grant program. Qualifying Orange County businesses will receive a $5,000 grant to assist with recovery efforts. Approved applicants have been notified and may receive payment Tuesday, November 21st, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Orange County Administration Building at 123 S 6th Street in Orange.
The process of administration began on October 23, the first day to submit applications. Applications were received in order and verified by a committee of OCEDC Board Members. The $200,000 in available funds are made available in part through the reallocation of the Economic Development Corporation’s restricted funds. The first 40 verified applications will receive funds. Applications were received and ordered through November 3rd in the event additional funds became available. The OCEDC accepted a total of 148 applications.
“I wish we could do more”, said Jessica Hill, Executive Director for the Orange County EDC. “There are 108 businesses we have not be able to assist and even more that did not apply. I am extremely thankful for the patience and cooperation of all those who submitted applications and served on the review committee. We have a long road of recovery ahead.”
The Orange County Economic Development Corporation is currently pursuing opportunities for additional resources, and will continue the verification and disbursement process if additional funds become available.