Cherish the moments

Published 4:52 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2017

By Mary Ekene

As we can see, the holidays are approaching once again. It is time for everyone to cook the turkeys, sing the holiday songs, watch the holiday movies, get fat and full, enjoy family and friends.

But we go through this consistent repetition year after year to the point do we even know what we are truly celebrating? Do we know what the true meaning of spending time with family and friends even mean?

I ask this because every time during the holidays, we are quick to show love, put on smiles, want to help the next person we meet that we fail to keep the compassion all year around. Why is that?, why do we do that?

Why can we not show love and be nice to our fellow brother or sister when we see them in March, or on a sunny day in July? Why does it always have to be during the holidays where we put on the fake smiles with the un pure hearts?

I say this to say because in this past year alone as many have experienced, many have passed and we have taken those people for granted. It is easier to praise and celebrate someone when they are not here, but why not value them when they are still here.

I know personally I have lost loved ones this year and I know many friends and family who lost many this year also. So please let’s remember that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s is not only about the food, the music, the desserts, the gifts, the decorations, the good deeds, and all of the holiday cheer.

It is about love, pain, joy, faithfulness, true good tidings of cheer, happiness, sadness, hurt, emotional loss, gratitude, respect and every feeling as real as they come during the holiday season.

Be true to the person next to you and let them know you genuinely care. Tell your friends and family who are still living how much they mean to you. Do not take the people you care about for granted. Tell your children you love them and children honor and obey your parents daily.

Life is so short for the games we play as human beings. Life is supposed to be full of life. Take it one day at a time and cherish it.

To you all from me to you, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! BE SAFE AND BE LOVED!


Mary Ekene/ The Institution of Performing Arts in Orange, TX