Customer service should not be lacking

Published 6:39 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

By Mary Ekene

What seriously happened to good old fashion customer service? I mean when you walk into a store and the greeter says, “Good morning.” Or when you go into a convenient store and the cashier says, “How are you?” What happened to people just being nice?

I have worked in customer 23 plus years, so wherever I go, I am very big on it. But a situation happened today which really made me upset.

My girlfriend and I went to the convenient store this morning. I waited in the car while she walked in. Next thing I know she storms out of the store in a rage. I asked her “What happened?”

She explained to me the woman and the manager were both rude and belittling her. My friend was really upset so I told her to sit inside the car and I took it upon myself to go inside. I spoke with the manager and to my surprise my friend was right.

The manager was very rude and I told him I would call corporate based on the customer service we received today. I believe if one comes to work in a bad mood, do not come to work. That person should stay at home or look for a job where it does not involve the public.

I was very disappointed in the service today and that it should be a lesson that people should treat each other like they want to be treated.

So with that retrospect always be kind, be good and how love.


Mary Ekene/ The Institution of Performance Arts Orange, TX