Slow gains in sales tax revenue

Published 4:22 am Saturday, November 11, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar will disburse $774.9 million in local sales tax allocations for November, 5 percent more than in November 2016.

These allocations are based on sales made in September by businesses that report tax monthly, and sales made in July, August and September by quarterly filers.

While most of the municipalities in Orange County, including the county itself, is seeing less sales tax revenue for the year, the gap between this year and last year is narrowing as the area heads into the holiday shopping season.

Pinehurst had the largest percentage difference for this payment compared to the 2016 payment for the same time with 25.2 percent less. The 2017 payment will be $40,773.20 compared to $54,513.50 last year. For the year, the city of Pinehurst has received 3.78 percent less for year to date with $550,484.52 for 2017 compared to $572,115.65 for the year of 2016.

The city of Orange received just under 1 percent more for the current payment compared to the 2016 payment for the same month with $505,416.03 for 2017 compared to $500,608.34 for 2016. This also has the city ahead for year to date by 9.34 percent with the year to date 2017 payment at $4,159,242.20 compared to $3,803,846.10 for year to date 2016 payment.

West Orange also saw an increase in sales tax revenue for this period at $100,972.54 for this year compared to $94,548.08 for 2016. The difference is 6.79 percent higher. For year to date, the city is under 1 percent lower for 2017 compared to 2016.

Orange County received 2.80 percent less for this payment compared to last year with a payment of $427,195.79 compared to $439,509.85. For year to date payments, the county is 6.36 percent less with a payments year to date at $4,127,865.24 compared to 2016 year to date payment of $4,408597.93. A difference of 6.36 percent less.