Mourning the loss of the fallen

Published 10:30 am Wednesday, November 8, 2017

By Dean Crooks


As one horrific news story after another dominate the headlines, Americans search for answers and meaning in these events. From Las Vegas to New York to Sutherland Springs right here in Texas, evil raises its ugly head and after each event we Americans are faced with a choice: what do we do about it?

Politicians take up positions while special interest groups throw money at them. Experts on television and radio talk about why this happened and what new laws will and will not work. It seems to me however, that laws are for society to live by but society did not commit these awful crimes.

People make up society and, while the politicians, experts, and special interest groups pontificate in order to look more righteous that the last, people, regular people, are taking action. Two men in Texas confront and chase down the Sutherland Springs killer and a police officer shoots the terrorist in New York.

All the while families and friends mourn the fallen. It seems to me that the people have all of the answers they need.

The rush to some action, any action, is certainly understandable but not all actions are what’s needed. Some may be more harmful than helpful. For instance, terrorists use fear as their primary weapon, hence the name “terrorist”.

Islamic terrorists in particular hate our free and prosperous society and they attack it wherever and however they can. The goal is simple: be like us (convert) or die. To the average American this is more than a slap in the face, it is a threat to our very way of life and an insult to think that it would work.

The average American is right but what ends up happening is usually the opposite. Laws and ordinances are passed to ensure safety which cannot actually make us safer but they are designed to make us feel better. At the same time, they inevitably restrict freedom and promote fear. Aren’t these the goals of the terrorists?

Violence and evil have existed since Cain and Abel, but there have always been noble and honorable people that were willing to fight that evil.

Whether the evil comes from our own land or from across the globe, there has been, and will always be more good folks ready to take a stand and fight back when needed.

It is because of these people that, while I mourn the loss of those that have fallen, I rejoice in the knowledge that the brave and honorable far outnumber the cowardly and wicked.


Dean Crooks, Concerned Citizen