Taking it to Another Level of Fashion

Published 10:18 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

By Mary Ekene

If you are looking for jeans, T-shirts, cute dresses, and the latest gear for young kids; I know a clothing store that has all of the latest up to date gear. Another Level of Fashion has been in business for over six years in Orange.

Bambi Cook and her husband Morrious Cook have been the owners of this great business and they define humility at its best.

They have been married for five years and have five beautiful children. Bambi is 36 and she and her husband were both raised in Orange.

Their goals are to expand their store in Orange and eventually build a youth center for children in the community. They want to incorporate an old school center with arcades, basketball courts, football teams etc.

“When I opened my business, I wanted to sell apparel that would be appealing to both adults and children.” Cook states.

I remember meeting Mrs. Cook about nine years ago and I remember working at Cricket. She walked in and I still recall the conservation we had. I remember her telling me how she wanted to open a clothing store in Orange and I told her go for it.

When I meet people with a vision, there is something that awakens inside of me. I truly love when people set to have a goal and they achieve it. But there is something about this mother of five I greatly admire.

Mrs. Cook went through Hurricane Harvey with her home and business. Then here recently she lost everything in a fire. To see a person who has been through the tests and yet still not give up, defines not only strength; BUT TRUE CHARACTER.

“I just thank God my family and I are ok, it is hard but we are taking it day by day.” Cook states.

To own your own business takes patience, intelligence, discipline and most important humility. If you have not visited Another Level of Fashion it is located on 1006 16th Street in Orange. They have a great selection of clothes and the customer service is great.

Bambi Cook, I admire your strength and patience through your time of need. Like a great business woman, you keep your business thriving through your attitude and your faith. Keep up the great work and May God continues to bless you and your family in everything you all do.

Congratulations on your service in the community. We love you.

Mary Ekene/ The Institution of Performing Arts in Orange, TX