Orange Council recognizes citizens for actions during Harvey

Published 11:04 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


As recovery progress continues for the fateful rainfall from Hurricane Harvey in August, Orange City Council presented Certificates of Appreciation, during the Tuesday night meeting, for several citizens for their actions during the storm.

Judge Carl Griffith was essential in coordinating delivery of fuel to the area immediately following the event.

“Without him, we would have lost the water pumps,” Orange Mayor Jimmy Sims said. “We would have run out of fuel for the fire department and the police department.”

Entergy Customer Service Representative Jim Malain also received a certificate.

“When we asked Entergy for help, he was already on it,” City Manager Dr. Shawn Oubre said.

Pastor Demetrius Moffett, of Church of God, was presented a certificate for his efforts during the storm.

“He did just about everything, everywhere,” Sims said. “You looked up and he was there.”

Council member Larry Spears Jr. said Moffett is often involved in helping the community.

Representatives of Market Basket, Kroger’s, HEB and Walmart were also presented with certificates for the preparation and recovery efforts of the stores from opening the doors for the city to acquires needed supplies for staff members to, as Market Basket allowing the store to be used to drop ship needed food supplies and sharing the freezer with the city.

Individual citizens were also recognized for going above and beyond in assisting with high water rescues.

“Here is one for the person with the biggest truck in the county, Charlie Cotton,” Sims said as he presented the certificate. “He could get to places where we could not get a boat.”

The individuals used their personal vehicles to rescue residents as their homes were overcome with rising water from the 60 plus inches of rain.

David Claybar, owner of Old Orange Cafe, and his staff were also recognized for cooking and serving even after the restaurant was flooded.

“David set up at the fire station and then moved to the church to cook for us,” Sims said. “Even with his place wiped out, he responded.”

Tad McKee of the Stark Foundation was acknowledge as well.

“With all he had to manage, he offered transportation of the Stark Foundation,” Oubre said.

Council member Larry Spears Jr. said it was wonderful to see the people receive the awards.

“These people were going above and beyond,” Spears said. “There are still others in the community that need to be recognized.”

Oubre said the names need to be submitted.

Oubre also gave the council an update on the debris removal for the city.

“154 thousand cubic yards have been removed,” Oubre said. “We are coming up the conclusion of the first round. During the second round an assessment will be made to determine if a third round is necessary,” Oubre said.

In other city business, the council opted to have committee positions advertised when a person’s term expires. Currently, a person can serve two terms on a committee. In cases where no one has applied, the term limit can be waived so the committee can have the quorum required.