Storm debris pickup has begins in West Orange

Published 3:52 pm Monday, October 16, 2017

Special to The Leader

Storm debris pickup and removal has begun.  There will be three “passes” made by the trucks to remove what has been placed in the right-of-way areas.  This will take time, so please be patient.

If you have extremely large piles, and the first pass has already been made, know that the truck will NOT go onto your property to collect more.  Only what is within the right-of-way will be picked up.  You may, therefore, need to move what you have remaining forward into the right-of-way before the next pass.

Please do not place piles underneath power lines, trees, near meters, fences or any other hazards that could get damaged.  Do not place any debris in the ditches where drainage could be obstructed.

If your debris is piled in the right-of-way, and is marked “do not pick up” … it WILL be picked up. Make sure you have photos if you need them. All storm debris piled in the right-of-way will be collected, so if you do not want it picked up, you will need to move it away from the street.

In order to expedite collection, as much as possible, please keep debris piles separated as follows:  construction; hazardous waste; white goods and finally green waste.  Only storm debris is eligible for collection.

If you have begun repairing your home and have excess building materials to dispose of…they cannot go with the storm debris.  Any new sheetrock or other construction materials piled on storm debris may prevent the collection of the entire pile.