Employing Team Unity

Published 8:36 am Saturday, October 7, 2017

By Demetrius Moffett

I do realize the we here in southeast Texas, especially in the city and county of Orange Texas have been hit hard by an event that took most of us by surprise.

We experienced flooding in areas that we thought would not flood. There was no evidence of pass flooding, however here we are.

I’m reaching out to see if anyone is hiring or willing to hire? I have someone who is truly a hard worker.

Their resume has proven that they have success where ever they have been employed. They have help to resurrect some places and companies from the brink of death.

I do understand that work may be few and far between but I believe with every fabric and fiber of my being that if you can find a way to get this person on your team they will bless your life.

They are not about the money, they believe that once you begin to see the fruits of their labor you will want to invest more into them.

You may be wondering if this person is such a great employee why are they looking for employment? Valid question.

The problem has been haters.

This person does such a great job that they expose those who are not team players, those who have their own agendas. Those who say they are team but they participate in individual activities.

Thus, when the I’s and Me’s get exposed they cause so much confusion they are willing to lose their position just to see this employee lose theirs.

However, the person that I’m staking my reputation on does not allow for the haters to discourage them. They just seek other opportunities from those who can appreciate their skill set.

I’m respectfully requesting if you can, if you would hire my friend “Unity.”

I believe that we have a great opportunity to employ and put Unity to work. There is so much that needs to be done. I trust the skill set of Unity and believe that Unity can help to restore our community.

If you feel that we need more than Unity, Unity has a team that is prepared to assist.

They are Agreement, Harmony, Integrity, Peace, Solidarity, Unanimity, Unification and Wholeness.

I understand at first chance you may feel you can’t fit this team in your budget.

Here’s the blessing, the only thing it will cost you is giving them the opportunity.

Their return truly out weights their wages. It’s worth the investment, are you willing to employ “Team Unity”