Thinking of Christmas gifts

Published 12:36 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

By Mary Ekene

The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to put up the Christmas tree, enjoy hot cocoa and shop for wonderful gifts.

Well this holiday why not make a gift choice of some candles, or smell good jellies or even quilted life-like dolls for your little ones. You are probably asking, “Where can I find someone who can do all of that?”

Well I know of an awesome woman from Port Arthur, Texas who has her own business named “Uniquely Renee”.

Lawonda Renee Drake is an African- American woman who was raised in Port Arthur, Texas and has taught elementary school for over thirty years. She said she has been making candles, smell good jellies and dolls for the past five years.

But it was until after Hurricane Harvey where she lost EVERYTHING and really took full advantage of growing her business.

“I love what I do,” Drake said when I asked her feelings about her gift. “I really enjoy teaching, but making candles, and sewing life-life dolls as well as quilts gives me a peace of mind.”

Davis said she is slowly getting on her feet but doing what she loves makes her happy every day. “Uniquely Renee” does it all and her business has really thrived successfully for the past five years.

“I just want to bless someone with what I do, that is all.”

I told Drake I would buy a lot of her candles etc. I will always support our African-American businesses.

To Lawonda Renee Drake, I wish your business the absolute best. She is a woman of humility, a govern spirit and strength. It is both a pleasure and blessing to meet business owners who put the PEOPLE first.

Mary Ekene/ The Institution of Performing Arts in Orange , TX