Robert’s Meat Market opens after storm

Published 12:56 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

By Anne Payne

The Orange Leader


This past weekend, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, was the first time since the infamous storm, “Harvey,” that the doors of Robert’s Meat Market in Orange have re-opened. Harvey’s waters dumped about four inches of water in Robert Ramirez’s Meat Market and Restaurant on Park Ave.

His restaurant is speculated to be up and running in about two to three weeks. Ramirez and his staff are excited to have now opened the Meat Market to help serve his many customers. His kids and grandchildren helped spread the word on Facebook and other social media that Ramirez’s Meat Market was opened once more. Actually, the Meat Market currently has just two sandwiches for order/take-out: Bacon Cheeseburgers and Fried or Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, both with potato chips. Fries, onion rings, or baked potatoes or not yet offered.

His business suffered a huge loss of meat in the freezer and meat case. Ramirez did own a generator in both his business and home, but the one in the business ignited and burned. “The business was out of power for six days, so all the meat, as well as other foods, had to be dumped,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez added, “In Hurricane Rita, we had wind damage. With Hurricane Ike, we had a little bit of water in the banquet room, about five to six inches. We appreciate the loyalty of our customers through the years,” referring to his determination to remodel or rebuild in order to re-establish his business, despite enduring the hardships of storms.

Ramirez and his wife are the parents of three grown daughters, two of whom lost their homes in Harvey. His older daughter in Vinton, Louisiana, stayed safe and dry.

The Ramirez couple’s Waterwood home did not receive water, and they are trying to sell their home to move to a new home in the country with 26 acres of land off FM 1130, out of the flood zone. Fortunately, Ramirez has always maintained flood insurance on his business, a wise thing to do in this “neck of the woods.” Ramirez notes, “My wife and I were trapped inside our Waterwood home for three days, but we had a generator, so we never lost power.”

Ramirez was reared in the valley area of Brownsville, Texas, then moved to California, later relocated to Houston, moved back to Brownsville for a short time, then landed in Orange, Texas. He first worked for Danny Breack, owner of Danny’s on Western and on FM 105, learning a lot about the food business from him, as well as jobs at Gerland’s and Weingarten’s grocery markets. The 72-year-old loves Orange, and looks forward to continue to live and work here.