Orange Rotarians stress buying local

Published 12:55 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

By Bobby Tingle

The Orange Leader

Buy local was the message delivered by Rotarians in a round table discussion over lunch Tuesday at The Garden District in Orange.

President of the Orange Rotary Club Steve Auguillard began the discussion focusing on the continued needs of the community as residents cleanup and rebuild. Several members noted opportunities for obtaining a variety of items from cleaning supplies to furniture to a strong back necessary for moving debris to the side of the road for pickup.

Volunteering to help, donate and prepare home cooked meals for displaced residents was also strongly encouraged.

A long-term concern is the financial health of the business community and local government.

The answer is to buy local.

Jim Surber, co-owner of Sabine River Ford, expressed concern about local retailers who may never reopen. He stressed the efforts he and others such as Paul Dickerson of Orange Stationer are exerting to provide products and services they offer to area residents in need.

When local residents go elsewhere to replace items lost in the flooding it hurts local business and ultimately the Greater Orange Area.

City of Orange City manager Dr. Shawn Oubre included local government as a beneficiary of shopping and buying local. Ad valorem tax receipts based on property tax values likely will drop as a result of decreases in property values. Sales tax revenues could than compensate for the loss with the potential for a surplus. Tax rates could be reduced if sales tax receipts improve substantially.

Rotarians encourage local residents to shop local to benefit the entire community.