As the Cajun Navy leaves, the Cajun Army arrives

Published 12:35 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader


Hard lessons were learned during the ‘Great Flood of 2016’ also known as the Deweyville Flood.

The Cajun Army is reaching out to organizations and citizens to help squash rumors and educate people on the importance of slowing down in the rebuilding process.

“It is important to spray wall studs and plates with an EPA registered disinfectant to kill any mold,” Cajun Army representative Brandon Hammock said. “You have to wait for the moisture content to be less than 15-percent before rebuilding.”

Hammock said adding drywall before allowing the structure to completely dry out would allow mold to grow inside the walls. Removing tile and cabinets is also important as the areas behind the items can hold moisture.

Hammock, of Nederland, joined the Cajun Army after the Cajun Navy rescued several family members.

“While there are members and higher leaders in both, they are two separate organizations,” Hammock said.

The Cajun Army, not only educates people in the importance of not rushing to rebuild to prevent future contamination in one’s home, but also helps with rebuilding.

“We have people from here to Florida,” Hammock said. “This area is our main focus because it is not going to get the national attention like Houston.”

While the focus is on waiting before dry walling at this point, the group is also in need of volunteers.

“People can sign up at our website,” Hammock said. “It will walk you through the process.”

The minimum age for volunteering is 16, and volunteers are needed for more than just tearing out dry wall.

“They can help with lunches, as a gopher or even giving other volunteers a hug at the end of the day,” Hammock said. “We are working with teams of dozens during this disaster instead of hundreds to thousands.”

While each volunteer organization in the area uses a ‘triage’ method to determine priority, the Cajun Army is registered as a source with several.

“A 90-year old grandmother with mold up to the ceiling will take precedence,” Hammock said. “We are handing out tents right now because it is better to deal with the elements than sleeping in a moldy house.”

The Cajun Army is also available to speak at events.

To contact the Cajun Army for speaking events or for assistance with flood clean up, visit or