Taking time to trust – Proverbs 22:17-19

Published 9:00 am Saturday, September 30, 2017

By Demetrius Moffett

Babies learn to trust us before they learn to trust our titles. We have to teach them our titles and what to call us.

However, it’s through spending time that they learn how to trust and learn to trust. As we become more intelligent we learn people’s titles before we learn or earn people’s trust. With some that’s as far as we get, knowing a title or name.

We fail to spend time necessary to learn or earn a person’s trust.

A baby takes us at face value and the truth of the matter is that we feel more secure with being 100% with babies than we do adults.

In relationships, we have a tendency to hold back and not be forthright or forthcoming with who we really are.

God is and has always been forthright and forthcoming in who He is. He encourages us here in the passage that we need to spend time, take time in order for our trust in Him to be a benefit in our lives.

It’s one thing to have faith in God but it’s trusting Him that releases the benefits of God.

The first order is for us to humble ourselves, bow down, incline our ear to hear to be able to discern those who are wise in the things of God and accept the fact that we don’t know everything about everything especially the things of God.

Next, we are to hide and retain in our hearts that which we have learned. To grow our trust in God we need to meditate and marinate on the Wisdom of the Word. As the Wisdom of the Word permeates down on the inside it attaches itself to our vocabulary, thus we speak trust in the lord, we speak the Wisdom of His Word and not the wish list of our words.

Just as a baby when in an uncomfortable situation cries out with the assurance that the one they’ve spent time with will come to their recuse, heralding the Wisdom of the Word releases the benefits of God to come into our situation.

The benefit of trusting the Wisdom of the Word is that God is the ultimate instructor. Who better to follow down a path than the one who created the path. Who better to trust than one who has never disappointed? If I may ask, are we taking time to hear and receive? Are we taking time to hide and retain? Are we taking time to herald and repeat?

What our tongues don’t tell time will. Taking Time To Trust….You’re on the clock.