Neighbors Emergency Center freely complies with House Bill 3276 related to freestanding ERs posting Network Charges, New Signage

Published 5:00 pm Thursday, September 28, 2017

Special to The Leader

During the 2017 Texas Legislature’s Regular Session, the State House of Representatives passed HB 3276 that relates to the posting of insurance notices for Texas Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs).
This bill primarily deals with insurance in-network/out-of-network status and applies to independent and hospital-affiliated freestanding emergency centers (Chapter 241 and 254 of the Texas Health and Safety Code).
The addition reads that the facility “is not a participating provider in any health benefit plan provider network.”
This addendum was quickly and easily added to all Neighbors Emergency Center locations’ existing posting notices by the legislation’s required date of September 1. The addendum language can also be found on
Although all Neighbors Emergency Center locations are out-of-network providers with insurance companies, it is Texas State law that an ER visit be processed at the in-network rate and that insurance providers must pay for ER care. Neighbors patients are only responsible for their emergency room co-pay, co-insurance and deductibles that apply, just like at a hospital ER. Patients do have a right to choose their ER provider.
Neighbors Emergency Center promotes and supports a transparent environment for the entire medical industry and those associated with it.
Transparency is a cornerstone of Neighbors and prides itself on the clear, collaborative manner we care for patients before, during and after their ER treatment. Neighbors gladly shares information and holds itself accountable to the highest standards in emergency medical care and patient communication and satisfaction.
Neighbors Emergency Center, the nation’s largest independent freestanding ER care provider, is a patient-centered healthcare company that focuses on personalized emergency medical care with little wait time and no crowded waiting areas.
Neighbors accepts most major private insurance and treats all adult and pediatric injuries and illnesses.
Neighbors Health, LLC. operates Neighbors Emergency Center, a series of 24-hour freestanding ERs. Neighbors’ 28 Texas locations service many communities including Houston, Austin, Amarillo, El Paso, the South Texas Valley and the Golden Triangle.