We have left our mark on history

Published 3:36 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017

By Bobby Tingle


According to Mike Louviere, Hurricane Harvey may be the most expensive hurricane in the history of Orange. Louviere made his prediction in his column, The Storm that blew Orange away, published in The Orange Leader September 9, 2017.

Louviere writes a column providing a historical perspective of Orange. And Now You Know, is the name of his column, featured in the Saturday edition each week.

Louviere has a unique ability to ferret out interesting and informative news from the past which provides perspective for today.

In his latest column, he describes the devastation brought on by a hurricane in 1865. It was much different, it blew down houses and buildings.

You can read the entire column at https://www.orangeleader.com/2017/09/09/the-storm-that-blew-orange-away/.

What makes Hurricane Harvey seem especially challenging are other recent historical events.

Early in 2016, we experienced what we thought was a record historical flooding event. It was, but we didn’t expect another one within eighteen months. Prior to 2016 we have overcome events, primarily Hurricanes Rita and Ike, but there were others that impacted the area as well.

It certainly seems like a bitter pill to swallow.

Folks in Orange and Newton County are weary of recovering from the devastation of a flood.

Let’s pray we do.

Words spoken in prayer are more than a mere attempt to provoke good luck. In his gospel, Luke records the teaching of Jesus Christ when his disciples asked Him how we ought to pray. What follows is what we traditionally call the Lord’s Prayer. But as you read further Luke explains the approach we ought to take in prayer.

He likens it to a friend in need who seeks to wake up his neighbor at night seeking aid. The neighbor resists but finally gives in due to the impudence of his pursuer.

Impudence is defined as persistence to the point of being annoying.

Think of a child who never relents seeking what he desires from his parents. Luke records this illustration to instruct our attitude and approach.

As we pray, let’s remember the lesson.

We may well need to persist beyond what might seem reasonable.

Orange County will overcome our most recent mark on history.

David Claybar has a sign on the wall in The Old Orange Café. The sign marks the level the water rose to during the flooding from Hurricane Ike. The flooding he experienced from Hurricane Harvey was nearly as high. Perhaps he will erect another marker indicating the level of water from this event.

I will look forward, regardless, to sitting down soon at one of his tables so I can enjoy one of his chicken salad sandwiches or chicken Caesar salads.

What do you wish to do again since our most recent historical flooding event?

Whatever it is, pursue it with impudence.


Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at bobby.tingle@orangeleader.com.