A cold dip, a scream, and a prayer

Published 3:30 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017

By Karen Y. Stevens


Well, it’s now the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which is worse than the storm itself.

There is the cleanup, the displacement, the fighting with the insurance company, or worse, fighting with FEMA.

God states in his word, He will not put more on you, than you can handle. I’ve always wondered about this scripture.

Every one of us can handle a lot, as long as we can cry, kick and scream, along the way.

They have completed studies where they took students, and ask them to walk into freezing, frigid water, and stay in as long as they could. They could yell, scream, etc. Days later, they ask the students to go back a second time, but they were not allowed to scream, holler; no sound whatsoever, not even a hum.

Every student said the water did not hurt, and was not as cold, when they could scream. They also timed each student, and all of them stayed in longer, when they could scream.

I think this is why God puts such a great emphasis on prayer.

He knows it buffers us somehow, and eases our pain just a little.

I never understood why when guys would get mad, they would hit a wall with their fist, and why women would run off crying or sulking, instead of hitting the wall.

Well, women know if they hit the wall, it will hurt their hand, hence the crying, plus it’s not very feminine.

In 1993, Sandra Thomas, PHD conducted the Women’s Anger Study, a large-scale investigation involving 535 women, between the ages of 25 and 66. The study revealed three common roots to women’s anger: powerlessness, injustice and the irresponsibility of other people.

Women were found to be angry longer, more resentful, and less likely to express their anger, compared with men.

Women also use destructive gossip, as a tool to deal with their angry.

We all need some sort of release to deal with our problems, men and women.

Everyone deals with things in diverse ways. Some snap at everyone until they have reached that calmer level. Some just yell at their spouse, others sink their self in manual labor, or go to the gym. (Which is probably the healthiest way to release all that angry, and frustration.)

The study did not give solutions to release our angry, but we should get rid of it somehow, constructively.

Since the study did not offer a solution, I’ll offer one.

When out of ear shot of all people, let out a loud scream, and see if that makes you feel better. Then, call a friend, other than your spouse.

If you’re a guy, talk to your friend, or ask them for help. (Save your fist!)

If your female, cry on their shoulder until you feel better. Then repeat every day, with a large dose of talking to God.


Karen Y. Stevens is founder of the Orange County Christian Writers Guild