West Orange-Cove back to school information

Published 1:10 pm Thursday, September 14, 2017

Students in the West Orange – Cove School System will return to school Tuesday, Sept. 19. As we continue to keep our Mustang Family informed of our back-to-school status, we would like to share additional information with you, as well as reemphasize important information that was shared over the past week.

School Calendar

Although the Texas Education Agency has waived some instructional days for school districts located within counties declared Hurricane Harvey disaster areas, we will be required to make up some instructional time as well. In an effort to avoid adding days to the school calendar, West Orange – Cove CISD will add minutes to our school days. School dismissal times for the 2017-2018 school year have been adjusted accordingly.

North Early Learning Center, first bell 7 a.m., classes begin 7:30 a.m., end of day 2:15 p.m.

WO-S Elementary, first bell 7:10 p.m., classes begin 7:30 a.m., end of day 3 p.m.

WO-S High, first bell 8:10 a.m., classes begin 8:15 a.m., end of day 3:56 p.m.

WO-S Academic Alternative Center, first bell 8:10 a.m., classes begin 8:15 a.m., end of day 3:30 p.m.

WO-S Middle, first bell 8:20 a.m., classes begin 8:25 a.m., end of day 4:06 p.m.

An adjusted school calendar which will provide changes to six week start and end dates, as well as changes to some professional development/in-service days will be presented to our Board of Trustees soon for approval. Once this calendar has been approved, it will be posted to our website and social media.

Student Information

It is critical that campuses have current address and contact information for all students. Because of Hurricane Harvey many families are displaced and may not have access to Skyward in order to update their contact information. Therefore, on the first day of school we will ask our students to complete an information sheet with their name, current address, and contact information/phone number. Please send this information with your student.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation will continue as usual. We appreciate your support and patience as our drivers carefully navigate neighborhoods that have been seriously impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We do expect afternoon drop off to be somewhat later than usual during the first week of school.

For our Locally Displaced Families who utilize morning/afternoon bus transportation

To ensure that our Transportation Department is aware of address changes and can plan adjustments accordingly, please contact your child’s campus with your updated address and/or phone number as soon as possible and prior to the first day of school. Parents with students at more than one campus must contact each campus individually.

Campus phone numbers are:

  • North Early Learning Center: 409-882-5434
  • WOS Elementary: 409-882-5630, extension option 3 or option 4
  • WOS Middle School: 409-882-5520
  • WOS High School: 409-882-5576 or 409-882-5568
  • Dress Code

West Orange – Cove CISD will waive standardized dress code requirements at North Early Learning

Center, WOS Elementary, and WOS Middle School for the entire 2017-2018 school year due to Hurricane

Harvey. Campus administrative staff reserve the right to address any dress attire that may be deemed

inappropriate. Standardized dress does not apply to West Orange – Stark High School students. The High

School will observe their normal dress code standards.

School Supplies

Lack of school supplies is not a concern for students at this time. Donations will be sought for students in need of assistance with school supplies.

School Meals

All students, regardless of income, that attend North Early Learning Center, WOS Elementary, and WOS Middle School are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch for free year-round through the District’s Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program. Through our Universal FREE Breakfast Program, all High School students are eligible to receive a free breakfast throughout the school year, as well. High School students, regardless of income, are also eligible to receive a free lunch through Sept. 30 as a result of the Hurricane disaster declaration.

Free meals are for one meal only/per breakfast or lunch service. Additional meals and snacks will require payment.

It is our goal to offer additional meal resources; further information will be shared as it is finalized. We encourage all families to submit their Free & Reduced Lunch form, regardless of campus. Completion of these forms allows our district to pursue additional funding.


Campus counselors will assist in supporting our students that are in need of counseling service due to events related to Hurricane Harvey.

Facility Update

All of our campuses and buildings are fully functional, with the exception of our Middle School. The portions of the Middle School campus which were flooded are currently going through the water remediation process. These areas include the boys’ gymnasium, the Carr Building, and the Fine Arts/Library/Office Building. These areas will not be accessible during the repair process. All subject areas that were previously taught in these locations have been moved into our Stark Building (two story classroom building). The Middle School staff is multi-purposing available spaces so that our Middle School students can remain on their home campus. We appreciate your support as we move forward with our repair process. It is our goal to regain full use of the Middle School campus as soon as possible.