Springfield, La. rallies around Mauriceville

Published 11:33 am Tuesday, September 12, 2017

In August of 2016, Springfield, Louisiana was hit by a tremendous flooding event.

Folks there lost homes, businesses and vehicles.

After their flood waters receded, the small town of 527 people rebounded well with plenty of help from others.

Well, the folks of Springfield, about 35 miles east of Baton Rouge, were definitely ready to “pay it forward” when they found out about the plight of Mauriceville.

A group of them have been in Mauriceville feeding the people of the small town and also furnished some supplies early Monday. They have fed people for two days.

“We felt like we had to do something as a community to help some folks in Texas,” said Tab Lobell, who had about 11 fellow volunteers stationed with him. “We wanted to find a town that was similar to ours, one with one red light. You hear a lot of things about big cities like Houston and the help going in their direction, and we understand they need it to. But sometimes those small towns and communities do not get the attention they deserve and this is where we wanted to be.”

Springfield’s region got damaged heavily by the flood that devastated a large part of southern and western Louisiana and were blessed with help from neighbors.

“We had folks from other areas helping us out and Pass Christian of Mississippi, those folks were such a blessing to us,” said Lobell. “They brought in a ton of supplies and fed us and brought smiles to our faces. Their little school district kinda adopted our little district. I know our school leaders have spoken with Mauriceville school leaders and we’re looking to help out anyway we can there as well.”

On Monday, the fine people of Springfield were feeding Mauriceville residents jambalaya and pastalaya. Tuesday’s menu was red beans and rice, jambalya and green beans.

“We’ve been cooking up a storm,” said Lobell. “We look to get out more than 1,200 meals in two days. We’re not trying to get anything out of this, just seeing smiles on people’s faces and bring a little relief to them is what we’re here for.”

Lobell has seen and heard plenty of interesting stories.

“I really felt bad talking to a guy yesterday that was finally able to get out of his neighborhood for the first time in nine or 10 days,” said Lobell. “It brought back some tough times that we went through. We know what folks are going through here and we just want to be here for them. I just want to thank everyone that donated to this cause back in Springfield, they’re here in spirit with us too.”