Harvey and Irma seem like good folks

Published 7:15 am Saturday, September 9, 2017

By Bobby Tingle


Harvey and Irma Schluter, according to Fox News, have been married for 75 years. According to the article they live in Washington State.

The Spokesman-Review featured the Schluters in an article when they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in March. They reported the Schluters fostered more than 100 children and taught children’s Sunday School at their church.

Harvey and Irma are also randomly chosen names for hurricanes. We are now assessing the damage done by Harvey; Irma has yet to have its full impact.

Couples who weather the storms of life while maintaining their marriage and home and raising children are the Harvey’s and Irma’s worth remembering. Storms given those names will be remembered also.

Heroes who worked tirelessly to rescue others will be remembered. Strangers who opened their pockets and gave to assist others will be remembered. The unselfish actions of countless men, women and children abound in the midst of the pain and loss.

Lives have been lost as a result of the destruction brought on by Harvey. Let’s prayerfully hope for lives to be spared as Irma approaches.

Rebuilding has begun. Homes, appliances, clothes and infrastructure will be rebuilt or replaced. Trash will be cleared. As with other storms, we are likely to lose material possessions that cannot be replaced. We are likely to lose personal and community treasures. We are likely to lose neighbors who relocate or businesses unable to reopen.

But we ought to prayerfully hope for all to face the aftermath with the resolve and determination to rebuild and carry on.

Encourage yourself by encouraging others. Harvey and Irma Schluter seem like good folks. There are many good folks in Orange County. Put your arm around them in the days and weeks to come, as we rebuild, to encourage and inspire those good folks in your circle.

Schools will soon reopen, football games will be played, bands will march, students will begin academic projects, teachers will teach history, math and the arts. Neighbors will continue to look after neighbors.

We will accept our losses, celebrate our gains and look forward to prosperity.

Orange County folks seem like good people.

Bobby Tingle is publisher of The Orange Leader. You can reach him at bobby.tingle@orangeleader.com.