COMMUNITY UPDATE From Mayor David Rutledge

Published 12:10 pm Thursday, September 7, 2017

The City of Bridge City’s #1 goal is to always insure the safety of our citizens and first responders. Updated information is as follows:

The  curfew  hours  have  been  backed  up  until  10pm.  With  full  restoration  of  electricity to BC & water‐covered roads situation much improved, the curfew will now be 10pm‐6am.

Mosquito control
The mosquito trucks will be spraying twice daily, beginning today.

I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE have your debris piled on the house‐side of the ditch, as far away from gas and water meters as possible. Many donation distribution sites remain in and around the city. And we will be forever  grateful  for  the  service,  love,  and  support  they  have  given  to  our  community during Harvey’s aftermath. Myself  and  the  other  City  officials  and  employees  will  continue to  work  diligently for our City as we begin the transition from relief to recovery.


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