Babin Supports Initial Disaster Relief for Harvey Victims

Published 1:47 pm Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Brian Babin (TX-36) issued the following statement today after the House passed an emergency disaster relief bill that provides $7.85 billion in support of victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana:

“I am very pleased that the House has acted swiftly to ensure those impacted by Harvey receive relief. Our congressional district – the 36th District of Texas – was devastated.  All nine counties have been declared federal disaster areas.  The devastation is truly heartbreaking.  I’ve traveled to each county and assisted in the recovery efforts and met with the victims.  My staff is on the ground across the district working with local relief officials to make sure their needs and those of our constituents are met.

“This bill provides desperately needed funding as a first step in helping our fellow Americans put their lives back together.  It provides a hand up – not a handout.  In the midst of this devastation, the entire world has seen the resiliency, compassion and determination of the people of Texas.  I urge the Senate to quickly follow suit and send this clean bill to President Trump’s desk.  Let’s show the thousands of Americans in desperate need of relief that we stand with them during this very difficult time.”