Published 5:46 pm Tuesday, September 5, 2017

FEMA Update:

We have been in close contact with FEMA. We have not been able to confirm a date or time  as  to  when  their  Assessment  Team  will  be  in  Bridge  City.  Please  understand,  per  FEMA, NO reconstruction permits will be issued until flood zones can be verified and FEMA allows us to do so. We will continue to update everyone on this as it develops.

Debris Pickup:

We are continuously  working  with the County  on orchestrating debris  pickup  in  an  organized and timely manner. Please be patient as this is a COUNTYWIDE process. The City is asking all residents to PLEASE stack the debris on the HOUSE‐side of the ditches. It creates an unsafe situation for traffic and pedestrians and creates far greater challenges for the drainage in the event of more rain if residents do not follow this.


The curfew remains in place at this time. Please understand that while things may appear normal, there are still areas that are not. There are roadways and entire neighborhoods that are still under water. This creates dangerous driving conditions for people to move about after dark. Please understand as soon as it is safe for ALL residents to move about freely the curfew will be adjusted accordingly.