Toledo Bend opens additional gates at reservoir

Published 2:44 pm Thursday, August 31, 2017

While residents are dealing with the aftermath of an unwanted guest, Tropical Storm Harvey, eyes are turning to the north as Sabine River Authority opens the gates at Toldeo Bend.

With the water flow moving quickly in the county as storm flow recedes, the water from the dam will take days to strive as evidence in the Great Flood of 2016.

A notice posted at noon Thursday on the City of Orange website said while the city of Orange has not announced a mandatory evacuation, the city has confirmed that a water release has begun at Toledo Bend Reservoir that should reach areas in the City of Orange later this weekend to early next week.

The notice from the city advises if the 2016 flood impacted residents, those same residents may be impacted by this current water release from Toledo Bend.

Currently, the dam has opened 11 gates to six feet, generating a flow of 66,000 cubic feet per second compared to the rate of 44,000 cubic feet per second earlier on Wednesday.

The flow is significantly less than the numbers that created the flooding in the east side of Orange in early 2016.

“The outflow of water is moving very well,” Orange City Councilmember Brad Childs said. “The pumps at Cooper Gully are on and working to continue to remove the waters.”

Childs helped assist some families while in downtown Orange on Wednesday to attend an emergency council meeting concerning updates on the situation the city is currently facing.

Orange County Commissioner John Gothia said he has not as yet seen the numbers of air or boat rescues conducted within the county.

“There are 300 rescue boats in the county,” Gothia said. “From the Cajun Navy, Coast Guard and other volunteers.”