Vidor Chief: ‘This is a multi-county disaster’

Published 4:38 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll said he’s been through floods before, but nothing like the havoc Harvey is wreaking on his community.

“This is a multi-county disaster. Compared to other disasters, this has got to be of biblical proportions,” Carroll said.

Emergency services workers for the areas of Vidor and Pine Forest to date have rescued residents from more than 100 homes thus far.

Carroll said about 400 people were still awaiting rescue late Wednesday afternoon.

“We have heavy high water rescue vehicles out and more on the way here and all of our emergency personnel are out,” he said. “We also have neighbors helping neighbors. In fact, when we’ve gotten to some of these locations, the residents have already received help from their neighbors.”

Carroll asked that residents in Vidor and Pine Forest who originally called for a rescue but have since gotten help, to please call 409-790-1839 and let officials know they can take you off the list.

He said water got as deep as six feet in some areas.

“It is beginning to recede in some areas, and is just getting to other areas,” Carroll said. “Please make sure your children aren’t playing in the water in ditches. We have a lot of swift moving water that can sweep a child away, and raw sewage has also gotten into the flood waters.”

Carroll said it is heart warming to see the number of people helping others.

“We’ve seen a significant number of neighbors helping neighbors. Don’t forget to check on your neighbors, particularly older residents who may need help.”