Two OC homes confirmed to have taken on water

Published 6:20 pm Sunday, August 27, 2017


Orange County Officials have confirmed 2 homes have taken on water. A shelter is being opened for residents that may need emergency shelter in the event their homes do take on water or lose electricity.


Shelter Location:


First United Methodist Church, Mauriceville

11929 Hwy 12, Mauriceville, TX 77626

(409) 745-4446


Residents will need to bring an ID, change of clothing, and medication.


Residents are still encouraged to SHELTER IN PLACE and avoid driving on the roadways due to water over the roads in some areas of the county. If you must travel, please take the following precautions:


  • Pay attention to barricades.
  • Never attempt to drive through flooded roadways and avoid underpasses.
  • Be aware of hydroplaning.
  • If you drive through neighborhoods, WATCH YOUR SPEED. High speeds cause water to be pushed into homes, endangering property and/or lives.


DO NOT drive down flooded roads unless absolutely necessary to prevent water from being pushed further into yards and homes.