Should we all act like dogs?

Published 4:52 pm Friday, August 25, 2017

By Karen Stevens

We left our dog Baxter, in the care of my youngest son when we went on vacation. When we got back a week later, you would have thought we left Baxter for a year.

He was so excited to see us, it looked like his tail might break off due to it was swinging from side to side so fast. He was humming, running in circles and licking our toes. When we got our hands free from all the suitcases to pet him, he just melted and stood still, with tail still wagging.

It was if to say, “Oh, they do love me.” “They didn’t abandon me,” even though my youngest son had been there all week to take care of him.

Dogs show affection to the people they know, no matter what, and they always have a positive attitude. Even though dogs are very territorial, and growl or bark at strangers, we should still take note and follow their example.

Being happy no matter what and growl at anything that comes into our lives that looks like danger or evil.

If we are fed disgusting food, mistreated, left alone, etc. we should still greet everyone, as if we are happy to see them.

Matthew 6:34 states: “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

We should trust our Master to take care of us, feed us, get rid of our fleas, give us a roof over our head, and take us out for play time. If we get stickers in our paws, then our Master will take care of the removal of those.

All we must do is be faithful, and trusting. Does this sound like your relationship with God? It should.

So many times, we make our relationship with God so complicated, that we get tired of trying to accomplish it. I know I do. Be happy to greet God every morning, and be faithful to Him.

When David and I get ready to go somewhere, Baxter always wants to go, even though he has no idea where we are going.

God has journeys for you that you just need to be excited about, even though you have no idea where you are going. Follow Him where every He goes, and when He says “come”, jump immediately.

A dog’s destiny is to make his Master happy by being himself, and being happy. Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you making God happy?


Karen Y. Stevensis founder of the Orange County Christian Writers Guild